6 Stylish Concept For Your China Police Clearance

You are immigrants who are currently working, studying, or residing in China and need to supply Police Certificate/Non-Criminal Record Certificate for China work authorization, trainee license or irreversible residence. Your previous Police Certificate/Non-Criminal Record Certificate has actually ended. Now you require to provide a brand-new Police Clearance Certificate/Non-Criminal Record Certificate issued by the local police station/Public Security Bureau (PSB) office or Public Notary office for looking for a new work permit after a change of company. You previously worked, studied, or lived in China with work visa, trainee visa, family reunion visa or irreversible home.

The majority of the Chinese cities enable a representative to request Police Clearance Certificate/Non-Criminal Record Certificate on behalf of candidates. Applicants need to supply a permission letter to nominate a representative to obtain Police Clearance Certificate/Non-Criminal Record Certificate. The requirement for permission letter varies from city to city. Some cities need scan copy of signed permission letter; some cities require the initial signed permission letter; some cities demand applicants outside China to provide signed permission letter which is notarized by local Public Notary Office and legalized by Chinese Embassy or Consulate.

Get Criminal Background Check or Good Conduct, or Police Clearance Letter on your behalf. Have your document Notarized by notary public, Authenticated by Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Legalized by Foreign Embassy in China. We’ve helped countless clients look for the notarized certificate. Using our service gives you complete assurance and guarantees that you get what you need in a timescale to suit your requirements. Our staff remain in constant contact with Government department, and as such are completely knowledgeable about the actions needed to ensure your application goes smoothly.

China main government’s public security ministry does not release PCC to individuals (consisting of Chinese residents). In practice, local authorities of each city problem the PCCs to applicant who remained in their jurisdictions. As each certificate only covers the period in specific city, the candidate of China police clearance certificate/ No Criminal Record needs several certificates to cover the whole duration of remain in China, in case of the applicant stayed more than 1 city in China.

You should use at the Notary Public Office or at the regional police station in the city/district where you live (on your Hukou booklet) for a Certificate of No Criminal Convictions and then get a notarized translation of your certificate. Different cities have various methods to apply, and you need to ask your local office how to use. Additionally, china non criminal record can nominate an agent to apply on your behalf.

China Police Clearance (CPC for short) is the other brand of China Police Check to help with the procedure of acquiring a police clearance certificate released by Chinese authorities. For those who currently got police check certificate in China, we can verify or apostille it from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China, and license it by a foreign embassy in Beijing, even foreign basic consulate in different Chinese cities.

China Police Certificate/Non-Criminal Record Certificate is provided by each municipal/provincial police station/Public Security Bureau (PSB) Office or Public Notary office. Each municipal/provincial department has jurisdiction over its own area only. Great news is China Police Clearance Certificate/Non-Criminal Record Certificate released by some cities covers the whole country.

Foreigners who ever worked, studied, or resided in China for a continuous duration of 6 months or more are qualified to request China Police Clearance Certificate/Non-Criminal Record Certificate. Generally, foreigners with Z (work), X1 (research study) or J1 (reporter) visa having home authorization who can live in China for more than 6 months can look for China Police Clearance Certificate/Non-Criminal Record Certificate.

Police Clearance Certificate is also referred to as “No Criminal Record Certificate” in China. This certificate may be required for child adoption, permit, immigration home research study, court requirements, residence permission or protecting work in some nations. You need to supply relevant documents which need to point out that you are not having any criminal background. Please download the files. We are offering online application service for China Police Clearance Certificate. We will advice you to provide necessary files for submitting online application process.

Police Clearance Certificate is likewise called Non-Criminal Record Certificate, or Certificate of No Criminal Conviction. This certificate might be required for your immigration, green card, study, and employment and home authorization in other countries. Anyhow, when you need this certificate, please feel free to call us.

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